Foot control not working

If you are experiencing an issue where you can’t operate any of the pedals on the foot control then please follow the steps below.

1. Check the module installed

If you have recently installed the software on the PC then ensure that you have installed the correct module.

If you are using the Mac then you don’t need to check this as there is only one software which caters for both functions.

  • Dictation Module doesn’t support the use of a foot control for transcription.
  • Transcription Module does support the use of a foot control for transcription.

The license key determines which module gets installed this is normally indicated on the green license slip. Alternatively this is also indicated by the first 2 characters of the license. For Transcription Module its either RT or ST while the Dictation Module is either RD or SD.

2. Check the foot control is supported
To find out what foot control you have this can be found either directly on the back of the pedal or on the back where the cable comes out RS-**.

3. Ensure latest software update and patch is installed
 Please click here for the software downloads and select the appriopriate download for your product.

4. Check the foot control is recognised

There are two ways to check if the foot control is recognised

Within the Transcription Module you will see foot control icon in the software on the bottom right

Foot control not working 1

Within Device Manager on the PC the foot control will recognise as a HID compliant device for details on how to check this see the Device Vendor and Product ID page here.

  • If the foot control isn’t recognised then try connecting to another USB port on the PC.
  • If you have another foot control then we would recommend try connecting it to the PC
  • If you have another PC then we would suggest try connecting the foot control to that PC.
  • If you don’t have another foot control or another PC then we would suggest try connecting another USB device to the PC.

These tests help identify whether the problem is with the foot control or with the PC.

Dictations playing through the wrong speakers

If you are experiencing an issue with dictations playing through the wrong speakers then please follow the below.



In the Olympus software you have the option to change the speaker output which is independent of what the PC speaker output is selected. Please see below on how to change the audio output.

PC Speaker: Selects an audio device available on your PC, if you have multiple audio devices then this will select the next available audio device. If you are listening to the dictations through a headset then you would select this option.

Olympus Device Speaker: Selects the Olympus recorder as the speaker if its connected to the PC.


  • Click on Tools -> Select Speaker -> Choose appropriate speakers

Dictations playing through the wrong speakers 1

  • You will now see in the status bar in the bottom left which audio output device was selected and this should correspond to the audio devices that you have on your PC.

Dictations playing through the wrong speakers 1b


  • Click on Device -> Select Speaker -> Choose appropriate speakers

Dictations playing through the wrong speakers 1a

Can’t hear the dictation

If you are experiencing issues with not being able to hear the dictations in the software, then we would recommend checking the following as it may be a simple fix which can be corrected.

When you are playing the file, you will see the level meter move up and down if there is recording as shown below.

If the level meter doesn’t move at all then this would indicate the dictation has no sound and therefore would have to be rerecorded.


can't hear the dictation 9 red


can't hear the dictation 10 red

Configuring the DS-9500 to use a WiFi network

This section goes through configuring the recorder to connect to your wireless network using the Dictation Module.

  • Open the Dictation Module
  • Connect the DS-9500 recorder
  • Click on Tools then click on Options and click on Device.

Note: Device setting will not appear if the recorder isn’t connected.

  • In the left column click on Wireless Network
  • Select On to enable WiFi.
  • Click Add and enter the following
    • Network name (SSID)
    • Security Type
    • Security Key.
  • Click OK

Repeat the same steps above if you want to add another wireless network to the device. You can register up to 10 wireless networks.

Optional: If you want the recorder to send the file when you press the New button, then tick the box “Prompt to send the dictation when the next dictation file is created”.

Now the recorder is configured to use your wireless network the next step is to configure the recorder to download and/or email dictations.